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I enjoyed Deadpool the movie and yup I just had to do an artwork on him. I hope you guys like it and sorry for the lateness but I working on each request slowly I do not focus on one but many other artwork requests. This was a request for:

all right go to Marvel

    comment!! I know this art doesn't make sense, but in general I feel like that art shouldn't make sense. To me art is to express your inner feelings. The reason why I created this art is because I have struggled in my life with depression and every year I face difficulties and fight an endless war to strive and survive. College and high school felt like a huge struggling battle of depression trying to move forward but only go two steps back. When struggling, I looked up to these characters for motivation to find the will power to move on and to distract myself from my depression. These characters give me hope so that I could maybe find my light the end of the tunnel. So I decide to show you guys what I have been working on for months and the reason why I was off DA for a while. Here is my explanation on why I chose these characters:

Naruto:  I love Naruto so much so that I tried my best and put all of my heart into this piece since the anime and manga has ended sadly.  I started getting into Naruto during high school and fell in love with the series ever since. What I like about Naruto is that he uses all of his motivation and will power to become hokage, which made me inspired and brought me motivation so that if I worked hard I can overcome obstacles by believing in myself. Every time I watch the anime or read the manga, I felt light due to his presence as Karin  said that his chakra is light and warm making me escape my depression and just feel hopeful. I listened to all of the Naruto opening and end songs while working on this piece because I wanted to make sure I nailed this piece. It felt like going through all the year I spent watching Naruto flashing before my eyes:……

Batman: I have followed Batman ever since I was three years old. Watching Batman the animated series and beyond at a young age, I was inspired by him instantly and became a fan for 17 years . I liked Batman because he had an interesting origin and an amazing rouges gallery with psychological issues. Even though Batman is human, his super power is will power and never giving up, which made me stick with the character for years bringing me motivation and will power during my dark days. I chose to use the Batman telltale design because 2016 was the worst year for DC but Batman telltale was the only great material that came out for the dark knight this year. I loved the game's story and it seriously brought my hopes up for batman again since Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were a mess.  I hope DC has fixed their mistakes for this year so that I can actually enjoy Batman and other DC characters ,but sadly Snyder is directing Justice League so I pray that Wonder Woman will bring light to the DCEU.  Here was a song that motivated me into making Batman:…

Sora: I love Kingdom Hearts and I am super excited that 2.8 and 3 are coming out soon which makes all the more reasons to make an art on Sora and I hope I nailed it. Playing Kingdom hearts was an awesome distraction during my depression and I really felt motivated to make an art on Sora. I was listening to this simple and clean cover while making this piece and I hoped it turned out great.:…

Flash:  Last but not least the fastest man alive, I seriously loved working on this piece. I love the flash and I have been following the character for years. I like the flash because I feel that I can relate with the character. This year my uncle died and I had a dream before his death that he died, but I couldn't figure out how or why, so when I got the news I felt helpless and in shock because I felt could have prevented this if I wasn't so caught up from school. I felt like it was my fault... that is why I can relate to Barry. The CW Flash was a great distraction from my depressing time because it made me feel alive and feel hope once again. DC's rebirth and The Flash Cw really helped me overcome and distract myself from my depression this year and I felt more motivated than before. I was listening to this song when working on this piece and man does it suit the character.…

I hope you guys like this piece and I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for the long wait, but I hope you guys understand. Please share this and let me know if you guys would me to put the individual pieces in my gallery. If you guys want me to make more heroes or anime characters in this same art style treatment leave a comment please. Please share this art guy it would mean alot to me.

Naruto Uzumaki (This is the way) [V1] Naruto Uzumaki (Thumbs Up) Kyuubi Naruto GIF-Icon batman  gif batman batman gif Sora Falling Icon Kingdom Hearts 2 - Sora icon Sorabooplz young justice  gif  the flash the flash and impulse gif young justice  gif  the flash the flash and impulse gif 

All rights go to Dc comics and the creators of Naruto and Kingdom Hearts. 

Batman Beyond Wallpaper
I felt so bored during school so I deiced to make a similar minimal style to my previous nightwing work except batman beyond since terry is finally back in the comics.  Seriously I am loving that terry is back and so far love reading the new dc rebirth batman beyond. 
 Leave a comment tell what should i do next.
batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis batman beyond gif terry mcginnis 
All rights go to Dc
I wanted to do something different since i dont have alot of time to make art anymore. I decied to pay tribute to dc rebirth's Nightwing cause finally dick grayson is back as nightwing once again. I also finded these couple of issues of nightwing quite great and i hope the writing contuies to be great. It helped me alot to get disracted for once and relieve myself from depression once in awhile.  So I decied to do a minimal poster wallpaper for a tribute to this series cause i am glad nightwing is back and that the stories a great. Hope you guys like it leave a comment below on what would you like to see me do next like which character would you like in a minimal style all paper

All right go to DC, Yanick Paquette and 
Tim Seeley.
Suicide Squad Animated Wallpaper Collab
I was super excited to go see Suicide Squad the movie back in August so I deiced to collab with the magnificent qBATGIRLq . I couldn't do this with out her help at all.  We were so excited for this film we started coming up ideas on how we were going to make this art wallpaper. Sorry it took awhile but I was at Lebanon and the internet is garbage at times and I felt really distanced from Deviant art at times due to either depression or a lack of imagination. Anyway Hope you enjoy it guys please visit  qBATGIRLq  for more drawings from her:

I did: Killer croc, Deadshot, Boomerang, tattos stickers on the desk and the wallpaper in general and title cards.
qBATGIRLq  did: Joker, Harley,Katanna, and El Diablo.

Hope you guys like the art AND THANK YOU SO MUCH qBATGIRLq  for the help. 

Harley Quinn Wink icon Suicide Squad Joker Show you my Little Toys Emote Harley Quinn 3 Harley Quinn 2 NOT IN THE MOVIE Harley Quinn icon Harley Blink Avitar Harley Kick Batman the Killing Joke The Joker's First Laugh Harley Quinn Bite 
Hey guys due to depression i feel like my imagination isn't clicking on me and I go to the gym in order to feel motivated so that i can start loving my pop cultures icons and comics in general but i feel like it's losing me as an audience due to the death of my uncle and my failures in school and plus the dc franchise is in a crisis which brings down my motivation as I see my favorites heroes are dying and that batman is being milked like a cow to death. Thanks Zack snyder!... DON'T GET ME WRONG I THOUGHT BATMAN V SUPERMAN WAS OKAY BUT LETS BE HONEST WITHOUT BEN AFFLECK'S BATMAN THIS MOVIE WOULD SUCK SHIT. So i need guys to help me in order for me to feel busy and not well quit deviant art as i feel this maybe the end of me. I don"t want to leave but i feel like this may happen.  Here's a test on what kind of art you would be excepting.HSA: Batman Arkham Knight anniversary tribute by bat123spider

Right i am working on a request for someone on a suicide squad one so let me know what you guys need.

There are three rules: Please no too many characters because that thanks alot of time 
It can be marvel/ dc and etc.
Please no gays,Yuri,nudes and etc cause i want all my audience to see my art not strict content. Thank you and i hope to take your requests. They are free by the way lol 


Sam Adam Chalhoub
Living hard life. If my fans wanna talk and socialize let me know



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